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Volume 1 Number 1, December 2014 Entire Issue

Original Research Articles

Effect of Aqueous Extract of Persea Americana Mill (Lauraceae) Seeds on Non-Pregnant Rat Uterus    HTML | Fulltext

Omonkhelin J Owolabi, Ogochukwu N Anaka, Aghogho J Egboh,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.1 
Antipyretic Activity of Orally Administered Extracts of Newbouldia laevis (Bignonaceae) in Mice    HTML | Fulltext

Enitome E Bafor, Osamuyi H Uwumarongie, Anthonia Omoregbe,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.2 
Antisickling and Toxicological Evaluation of the Leaves of Rauwolfia vomitoria Afzel (Apocynaceae)    HTML | Fulltext

Tavs A Abere, Ogechi K Ojogwu, Freddy O Agoreyo, Gerald I Eze,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.3 
Antinociceptive Effect of Methanol Extracts of Parquentina nigrescens (afzel) bullock (Periplocaceae) Fruit Bark    HTML | Fulltext

Lucky O Okunrobo, John O Uwaya, Precious E Ehimhen,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.4 
Histopathological Effects of Spent Oil Based Drilling Mud and Cuttings on the Earthworm, Aporrectodea longa    HTML | Fulltext

Alex A Enuneku, Lawrence I Ezemonye, Mike Ajieh,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.5 
Development and Evaluation of Novel, Multifunctional Co-Processed Excipients for Direct Compression of Paracetamol Tablets    HTML | Fulltext

Sylvester O Eraga, Cynthia O Damisah, Michael U Uhumwangho, Magnus A Iwuagwu,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.6 
Snail Mucin-Based Formulation of Ibuprofen for Transdermal Delivery    HTML | Fulltext

Matthew I Arhewoh, Sylvester O Eraga, Philip F Builders, Uchenna A Uduh,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.7 
Thermodynamics of the Solubility of Some Fluoroquinolones in n-Butanol    HTML | Fulltext

Chukwuenweniwe J Eboka, Henry A Okeri,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.8 
Undergraduate Students Knowledge and Perception of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus in Benin City    HTML | Fulltext

Maureen I Okuonghae, Olufemi Y Makinde, Godfrey E Umhenin, Patrick O Erah,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.9 
Assessment of Care-seeking Behaviour for Under Five Years Old Children with Malaria and Other Childhood Illnesses in Some Communities in Edo State, Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

Baribefe M Bagbi, Anthonia Obieche, Ehijie FO Enato,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.10 
High Prevalence of Hypertension among Residents of Ilorin    HTML | Fulltext

Kamaldeen Abu-Saeed, Valentine U Odili, Jamiu O Muslim,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.11 
Prevalence of Undiagnosed Elevated Blood Pressure in Okparabe Community in Southern Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

Kehinde A Ganiyu, Eneyi E Kpokiri, Oghenerukevwe G Omoshue,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.12 
Drug Utilization among Island Dwellers in Bayelsa State    HTML | Fulltext

Kehinde A Ganiyu, Eneyi E Kpokiri, Kelvin I Igbinovia,
Published: 30 December 2014   doi: 10.47227/jsppharm.v1i1.13 


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